Originally, through our construction business, we have delivered quality projects for around thirty years. Following this, around nine years ago, we intertwined our love for development and hospitality and commenced the work on six jewels, all situated in Għarb, which were later called ‘Carini Farmhouses’.

Once all the necessary work had been completed, it was obvious, given the isolated yet charming location of the farmhouses, that they would be the perfect spot for a quick getaway many would crave, especially throughout the sun-kissed periods of spring and summer.

Since we were directly involved in the entire process of designing, constructing and furnishing ‘Carini’, we wanted to ensure total guest satisfaction through a luxurious and comforting but traditional style which complements the stunning natural backdrop, the village of Għarb so uniquely offers.

Subsequently, due to the many successes in the hospitality industry and the growing demand for opulent and meticulous bed and breakfast guesthouses, we decided to transform a generation-defining property, located in the mythical village of Xagħra, into the perfect bed and breakfast hideaway.

Hence, Bellaria B&B was born.